Hi challenge babes!

Congratulations on completing week 1 of #THECE8WC! On your path to getting fitter, stronger, leaner and more confident, you’ll already be doing your body so many favours – even if you can’t see it yet. You’ll be decreasing inflammation, building your base strength and fitness and setting your body up to start the domino effect of fat loss and strength gains. That’s why, this very point in your 8 Week Experience is so, so important. Stopping now will only stop the domino effect of results, so stay the course. Stay on track. It’s crucial to getting the results you want.

So, we want to remind you that the first few weeks of any transformation requires mental effort, just as much as it does physical effort. So stay focused! Your goal depends on it!

And of course, you should be proud of yourself! One week of dedication takes effort, commitment and changes from your old routine. Be proud of yourself for the progress you’ve made, even if it can’t be seen yet – progress with better food choices, dedicating yourself to getting your workouts done and even taking time to recover. That’s what counts, because it’s those changes that will lead to physical changes.

So do what keeps you motivated and accountable. Fill in The Diary, cross off days on the calendar, tell people your goals and schedule your workouts. Whatever it is, and whatever works for you, do it, because it’s these little steps that add up to big results.

And keep sharing your journey on Insta. We’re loving seeing you progress. And come 8 weeks of consistency, you’ll love looking back and seeing yourself transform and progress across every post.

Keep crushing it!

Ellie & Dwayne