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How to not let your own negativity ruin your results.


25 / 01 / 18



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Did you know your brain plays tricks on you without you even knowing about it? That’s because a huge 90% of your thoughts are unconscious, AKA you’re not completely aware of them. These sneaky unconscious thoughts regularly influence how you behave, think and feel. They can make things feel happy or sad, even make you feel motivated or like it’s all pointless. And this phenomenon plays a huge role when trying to do something new, like stick to a new lifestyle. The main culprit? It’s called Negativity Bias and it could be hijacking your thoughts, stopping you getting the results you want…

Negativity bias is the simple, but annoying fact that human beings pay more attention to negative events than positive ones. We’re more emotionally influenced when we feel crap than when we feel like we’re on a roll. To better explain, check this scenario…

So you’ve been doing well with your nutrition and sticking to your workout schedule for the past 10 days, but it’s your friend’s birthday and you’ve been invited to dinner. After ordering a salad and drinking a water you decide to indulge and eat a piece of cake coz it’s ok to treat yo’ self every once in a while. But then you wake up the next morning and notice your tummy lines are gone and think “I ate cake. I’m fat now. Where has all my progress gone? I f*cked up. Oh well, there goes all my effort… forget it.” But the reality is, you’re holding a bit more water than normal because of your treat. But the BIGGER reality is that NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. You. Are. Still. On. Track. You’ve just decided to focus on the one act of eating cake instead of every breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past 10 days (umm, that’s 30 meals VS 1). And there we have it, there is the Negativity Bias in action… you’ve just used one event to convince yourself that you’ll never reach your goal, and you fall off the wagon.

It sucks, doesn’t it? And for so many babes, it’s a little too familiar…

So if that scenario seems like deja vu, then, like every human on the planet, you’re prone to the Negativity Bias. But don’t worry! Here’s how to stop it from hijacking your results and trajectory to success:

  1. Know it’s a thing. Just knowing it exists takes all its power and influence away, plus it turns it from an unconscious thought, to a conscious one.
  2. Count your successes instead of ‘failures’ or slip ups. Use The Diary and watch your healthy habits add up.
  3. Look at the general trend of ALL your actions and behaviors, not the affect of one thing!

With those 3 tips, you’ll never get in your own way again. You’ll stay on track, keep moving forward and inevitably… get the results you deserve.

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