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Introducing the winner of the first ever round of #THECE8WC… Charlie Chalmers!!! We’ve absolutely loved watching Charlie completely transform her body, and even more impressively, her mindset, across all 8 weeks.
Week by week, Charlie crushed The CE Workout Method, followed The CE Nutrition Method and also took the time to use The CE Regeneration Method. And with that, her results accelerated and her dedication and focus grew.
And now, Charlie is strong, fit, lean and confident. She did it. And Charlie, we are so proud of you! Have a read of her amazing experience during Round 1 of #THECE8WC for 2018! Take it away Charlie:

    Prior to @thecollectiveelite 8 week challenge, I was stressed out and exhausted. This was from a combination of things including attempting to finish a doctoral thesis. Every morning I would drag myself out of bed and would struggle during the day from fatigue and a cloudy mind.

    Because I was working full time and completing my thesis at night and on weekends, I would have the mindset “treat yourself” as a coping strategy to get me through (wow, those words mean so much differently to me now!).

    The CE has fostered a whole new mindset. This includes my attitude to nutrition, training and self care. They have introduced me to high intensity short workouts, that leave me feeling great (despite the buckets of sweat ??). I no longer over train and I no longer feel exhausted. The changes I have noticed in my body have helped me to feel confident and motivated.

    The Nutrition Edition introduced me to a whole new range of delicious recipes and provided the education I needed to make the right choices for my body. I now crave organic unprocessed foods and listen to what my body is telling me. Therefore, “Treat yourself” now means “give your body what it needs”. I also never feel overly hungry as the eating plan suggests the perfect amount of fuel for my body.

    An additional aspect I am grateful for is my morning routine, which allows for more time with my wonderful husband. Due to a combination of his enjoyment of the recipes (particularly the chia pudding?), and the ease in which I can now bounce out of bed, we make and eat breakfast together, allowing for chats and relaxation in the morning before we start our busy days.

    As a result of The Collective Elite, I have found a sense of clarity, an enriched level of energy and a wonderful state of calmness. I can also train harder, stronger and faster.

    My goal coming into this was to prioritise my self more so I could give more to others. I can definitely give this a big tick ✔️, and this is something I’m most proud of.

    As a clinical psychologist, my go to treatment in the beginning with clients is mindfulness and I encourage them to spend time regenerating – however, I did not practice what I preached. Now with scheduled regeneration activities and mindfulness I also live this as a philosophy.

    This has helped with all areas of my life, for example, I focus solely on friends during conversations and don’t let my mind wander to thesis or work. Because I give more to myself, I can give more to them.

    As a result of The Collective Elite, I have found a sense of clarity, an enriched level of energy and a wonderful state of calmness. I can also train harder, stronger and faster. With the body guide special edition purchased and arriving next week ???, this will now be a lifestyle. I will forever live #thecelife ?????????? #thece8wc #wearethece

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