5 healthy eating mistakes you could be making.


01 / 08 / 18



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So the time has come – you’ve decided to make changes to your diet and get the results you’ve always wanted. But a week goes by and the changes in your body you were expecting aren’t that noticeable… then another week goes by, and another and the results you’ve made changes for and worked for never arrive. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone… we see so many babes make these 5 same mistakes when changing up their nutrition:

  1. Fruit overload. You’ve replaced your breakfast muffin with a smoothie bowl and started replacing your energy drink with fruit juice as well. What you’ve done here is just replaced one sugary treat with another. Yes, fruit has vitamins and minerals and is a natural food, but it’s pretty sugary too. So you won’t have reduced your caloric intake across the day by much and this will play a huge roll in preventing your results. Try replacing smoothie bowls with protein based meals, like eggs and you’ll be feeling and looking your best in no time.
  2. Sneaky snacks. You’ve started making healthier choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but there’s one thing you haven’t changed… your snacks. We’re all up for snacks, but if you add up all your snacks across a week, it can really make you realise how much sugary or salty treats you’re actually eating. And when you add it up, it can really highlight why those results are taking their sweet time. So make sure you’re not under eating at meal time, and if you do find yourself a little hungry between meals, reach for veggie sticks with dip or a handful of nuts instead.
  3. Skipping breakfast. If you’re thinking of skipping breakfast as ‘avoiding calories’ then you’re starting your day off all wrong. Not eating breakfast eventually slows your metabolism as your body starts to store the calories from the meals you actually do eat in an attempt to protect itself. You’re also more likely to overeat at other meal times, and therefore more likely to make poor food choices later in the day. Start your day with a protein packed breakfast (start small if you have to), your health goals will thank you.
  4. Being unprepared. Heading out to work, uni or otherwise without knowing what you’ll be having for lunch or to snack on is setting yourself up for a backwards step. Pack your lunch, or know where you can get a healthy meal, rather than winging it when hunger sets in. This simple step can be the difference between staying on track and getting so hangry you eat whatever is fastest.
  5. Cutting all treats altogether. You don’t need to take things to the extreme when bettering your health and your bod. Why? Because you’ll go insane. You’ll spend Saturday night eating salad, alone, and you’ll think that that’s what it takes to get a lean, fit, toned bod. Well, you’re wrong… its all about WHEN and HOW you indulge. Remember, eating ONE bad meal in a week won’t make you fat, just like eating one good meal won’t make you lean. Giving yourself leeway for one indulgent meal per week means you’ll enjoy your lifestyle, so you’ll be able to stick to it, which means you won’t just get results, you’ll keep them.

As you can see, all it takes is few small changes. Small changes, big results is the way we like to roll. So hopefully our tips will help you see the results you deserve. Or you could just take the guesswork out of it by learning our nutritional approaches and following our meal plans as you eat your way to fast results through our 50+ recipes in The Body Guide Nutrition Edition.

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