The 1000 Rep Challenge Chip Away! You have 40 mins to get through as many moves as possible! Rest as you need and work through each exercise in order. Finish everything in under 40 mins then record your time! Don’t forget to post your rounds or time on the @uvsl_online Instagram page!


  1. FLOOR TO OVERHEAD PRESS: squat down rather than bend; drive knees out when squatting; engage core when pressing overhead limiting loss of neutral spine.
  2. ALT. BODYWEIGHT BACKWARD LUNGE: knee touch ground to ensure complete range of movement; weight distributed to front foot’s heal; slight lean forward at hips to ensure load in primarily front leg; drive out of each lunge to full extension of the hip.
  3. PUSHUPS: Maintain Stabilisation of your spine, particularly at lumbar (lower back) and cervical (neck) sections of your spine; reach 90 degrees at elbows for each rep; start on toes (if possible) and only regress to knees if necessary.
  4. SINGLE ARM DB ROW: get your stance right by creating a plit between your feet; rest your arm on your thigh for support; DB must touch the ground on each rep; retract your shoulder blade and exptend your thoracic (mid) spine on each rep as you pull the DB to your waist; don’t over rotateon each pull.
  5. BW SQUATS: keep weight in heels; driveknees out to help engage g;utes; thighs must reach parallelto the floor.
  6. DB SIT-UPS: use momentum to drive up to an upright seated position; knees slightly bent; can regress to no weight.
  7. THRUSTERS: squat must reach full range with thighs parallelto the floor; core engaged as you press overhead; reach full extensionof arms overhead.
  8. DB BURPEES: No chest to ground: jump feet forward enough so they land flat; drive up powerfully to extension to ensure hips are used as you extend (stand up).