6 exercises… 5 Rounds. Sounds simple right? Maybe not… You’re best completing this workout in your driveway or at the park so you can complete the 200m run on each round conveniently. Record your time and post it on the @uvsl_online Instagram!


  1. DB SNATCH: reach down into a neutral spine hinged position (at the hips) then forcefully snap through the hips; which should make the DB feel weightless to your catch position; keep core tight through catch (overhead position).
  2. CHEST TO GROUND BURPEES: drop to the ground with your chest hitting the floor; jump your feet forward so they’re flat on the ground; stand up to full extension of the hips.
  3. JUMPING JACKS: ensure full range on arms and leg movement.
  4. RUSSIAN TWIST: holding a DB, rotate side to side and touch the DB to the floor on each side.
  5. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: keep a neutral spine and pump your legs as fast as you can.
  6. 200M SPRINT: sprint!.