Tempo, tempo tempo. That’s the key to this session. A variable of training not utilised enough, as typically you just bump weightwhen you want to progress. However, increasing time under tension is a very effective way to progress your workouts with increasing load. No recording times or rounds for this session… it’s definitely not a race against the clock! Follow along with @dwayne_uvsl by watching the full workout at the bottom of the page and stick to his tempo throughout the session to get the most out of this strength workout. Expect a full body session with a lot of burn!


  1. SUPERSET #1: DB RDL: Ensure allcues are set prior to descending into flexion. Lats on (back stabilised), core oncreating stabilty through your spine. Keep your weight back in your heels and then drive up with power to full extension engaging your glutes at point of extension. Be sure not to hyper extend and over load your lumber spine. RACKED OR GOBLET SQUAT: Ensure you rack the dumbells propoerly or hold the dumbell in a goblet hold correctly. Drive knees out as you descend into each rep. Keep weight back in heels.
  2. SUPERSET #2: DB STRICT PRESS: Start with dumbells facing outwards at approximately ear level. Press overhead extending elbows fully. Keep core engaged to not lose neutral spine. ALTERNATION QUADRUPED DB ROW: In a quadruped position with your hand okaced in the dumbbells, pull one dumbbell up towards your waist retracting your shoulder blade and slightly extending your thoracic spine. Keep alternating with the same technique on both arms.
  3. SUPERSET #3: BANDED GLUTE BRIDGE: Place band around knees, lie on your back with feet about hip width a part. Drive thgough your heels placing maximum tension on the bacnd by driving your knees a part and squeexing your glutes at the point of extension. DB SPLIT SQUAT: Maintain your weight dominantly in your front heel; ensure you reach full range of movement by touching your knee to the floor.
  4. SUPERSET #4: DB BICEP CURL: strictly only use elboqw fleion and extension in this movement; eliminate all momentum. DB LATERAL RAISE: Lead with elbows; have slight internal rotation and keep torso very still. DB TRICEP EXTENSION: Start lying down with dumbbells at full extension above your head. Lower them down by flexing your elbows and stopping just before the dumbbells reach the floor. Extend elbows back up to full extension.